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Rocky Mountain Health and Safety is one of the two authorized Dasheng suppliers in the Canadian market that are factory direct enabling us to offer these products at ex-factory pricing, the cheapest in the Canadian market

Other suppliers in the market cannot compete with our costs. Additionally, this enables us to work with some of Canada’s largest buyers and healthcare institutions and fulfilling large requirements by slotting them into the Dasheng production schedule. 

The Dasheng DTC3Z has become one of the most popular masks in Canadian healthcare used by Provincial Health Agencies, Hospitals and Long-Term Care Home Facilities across the country. 


It’s popularity it credited to it being one of the best fitting masks on the market. Quantitative fit testing results have shown a 97.5% universal passing rate on healthcare workers who were previously fitted in the 3M 1870, 3M 9210, and 3M 8110S, 3M 1860 and 1860S. 


Not only does this allow healthcare institutions to overcome the biggest hurdle in procuring N95s, fit testing, but it also enables them to significantly reduce the number of N95 SKUs they possess – fitting a majority of their end-users.

A trifold design like the Dasheng DTC3Z is also preferred among all end-users who typically find cups and other designs less comfortable.

Canada's Reliable Source for n95 respirators - Dasheng is trusted and used by provincial health agencies, lHINs, Hospitals and LTCs.

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As'in'i'wa'chi Health and Safety

Rocky Mountain Health and Safety is an Indigenous-owned business, certified by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and the Federal Government. Two percent of our profits are invested back into Indigenous social initiatives. With an Indigenous background from the As’in’i’wa’chi Ni’yaw Nation, Rocky Mountain Health and Safety share similar core values to our Indigenous ancestors. We strive to display integrity and honour and these values make up a huge component of how we conduct our business on a daily basis.

RM Health & Safety

Rocky Mountain Health and Safety is a business you can depend on. We are built to provide Canada with an affordable supply chain of medical grade personal protective equipment that supports cultural diversity. It is our mission to be your safest choice. We pride ourselves on building trust with our long-term customers, who can count on us no matter what the circumstance. At Rocky Mountain Health and Safety, we can guarantee quality and reliability; we want our customers to feel they’re making the right choice by choosing us as their PPE supplier. 

Quality Products

We work alongside several of the best manufacturers in the health and safety industry, who have top experts on their teams, to ensure our customers’ safety. All Rocky Mountain products undergo rigorous testing and are government tested and certified. Our products are Health Canada, FDA and CE approved, along with top-tier third party testing results from Nelson Labs, ANSI, FDA, NIOSH and CDC. Our manufacturers have been established for several years and only produce top quality products with the best materials to ensure safety and well-fitting. We can guarantee that we are offering our clients the most superior level of protection.