The Digitization of Ordering Credible PPE

Amazon-Like Platform Being Used at Participating Petro-Canada Retail Stations

These days, trying to get your hands on quality and credible PPE isn’t as easy as it may seem. Most of your time gets spent on sourcing out a reliable company who has certified products, which during a global pandemic, can be difficult because of how many non-reputable companies are making counterfeit products to maximize on a lucrative opportunity. There are many masks and PPE currently being sold that are not up to safety standards and carry no health or safety certifications. Furthermore, even when you’ve found a credible company, most times you are stuck paying egregious amounts and waiting weeks for delivery. 

Rocky Mountain Health and Safety (RMHS) – an indigenous-owned, credible PPE supplier, works diligently to provide Canadians with an affordable supply chain of high level, certified, medical and industrial-grade PPE. During the current global pandemic, when supplies were minimal and lacked credibility, RMHS was able to provide a Canadian solution by securing Health Canada and NIOSH approved N95 respirators and surgical face masks to those who needed them most. 

To aid in their mission of providing safety for Canadians, RMHS has recently launched an online ordering system – similar to Amazon – to eliminate all of the difficulties that come with sourcing, ordering and waiting for your PPE. Customers can log onto a wholesale e-commerce store, order their products with a click of a button, and have it delivered to their doorstep within 3 business days – free shipping is also included for orders over $300. 

Why is This Online Ordering Platform Important?

Moving forward in the global pandemic, this online platform has been created for people to stay up to date, as the health and safety industry is very dynamic with new pricing and products being introduced regularly. This digitized ordering tool helps deliver to retailers the information they need to make smart decisions around procuring the products they need for employees and consumers. It gives them instant access to a network of products and pricing, always staying up to date on the emerging product trends, price updates and important health information. RMHS’ mission was not only to secure certified PPE for the safety of Canadians, but to also provide an easy and seamless experience for customers from order to sale. 

Has This Online Platform Already Been Tested?

Petro Canada, one of Canada’s premium retail organizations, is now selling certified and tested medical-grade youth and adult face masks at their retail stations, to ensure Canadians have access to high quality and tested products. This initiative helps keep Canadians safe while supporting an aboriginal-owned business by allowing RMHS to test their online ordering system. By doing so, RMHS will be able to supply their #1 selling Better Blue Medical Face Mask to Petro Canada retail stations. These medical grade face masks are subjected to rigorous testing and provide bacterial and particle filtration efficiency of 98% and are Health Canada and CE approved. 

RMHS is able to provide Petro Canada a low-cost and high quality solution through their online system by automating the ordering, fulfillment and sales process. The product and online ordering system was initially tested in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, and based on the results of a successful test, RMHS and Petro Canada will be making these medical-grade face masks available at participating retail stations across Canada. Watch the APTN In Focus interview below, where CCAB Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Philip Ducharme, speaks about RMHS’ youth and adult medical-grade face masks being available at Petro Canada retailer stations.

APTN: In Focus Interview with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Philip Ducharme

What Are The Benefits?

With RMHS’ online ordering system, customers can access everything from one place; a full catalogue of high quality PPE is available at low prices and continuously updated. Simplicity is the key; RMHS has made it easy to sign-up and place an order, with around the clock support available if the customer needs any help along the way. Expert support staff have access to the entire logistics and supply chain through mobile apps, making it easy for them to react quickly to any issues. Additionally, there’s detailed analytics available for customers to track purchases, cost and performance reports. Most importantly, the online ordering system provides security and privacy, making sure to keep payment, personal and business information secure and protected at all times. 

With an easy-to-use, click of a button system – that delivers high-level and certified PPE within 3 business days – you can’t go wrong with picking RMHS as your PPE supplier. Along with Petro Canada, RMHS’ client list includes some of Canada’s largest organizations such as SAIT, Calgary’s Women’s Shelter and Indigenous Services Canada. RMHS continues to provide quality PPE to organizations and communities all over Canada. 

Community Benefactor  

It is a mission – one that is close to the President of RMHS – to give back to indigenous communities and provide opportunities for today’s and future youth. RMHS is proud to donate a portion of profits to a scholarship fund for indigenous youth, supported by revenue from their online ordering system. This endeavor is vital for Rocky Mountain’s President, who being aboriginal himself, was fortunate enough to receive scholarships from the Metis Nation of British Columbia, believing it created more opportunities and exposure for him professionally. He has the goal of providing indigenous youth with these same opportunities, hopefully being able to support future entrepreneurs, engineers and business professionals.

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The Digitization of Ordering Credible PPE

Amazon-Like Platform Being Used at Participating Petro-Canada Retail Stations These days, trying to get your hands on quality and credible PPE isn’t as easy as