A Letter From The President of Rocky Mountain

In early 2020, when the pandemic struck Canada and more specifically Calgary, I was hearing from friends about how their grandparents in long term care facilities were living in fear, not leaving their rooms and isolated from family and friends. The elderly were dying in record numbers and it seemed quality PPE was in short supply. The news was full of reports about hospitals, long-term care facilities and government institutions buying counterfeit facemasks and other PPE. 

Based on my experience working in the financial sector and with my consulting background, I was able to connect with companies in Asia who manufacture world class PPE. My goal was to start a company that could supply tested and certified products to Canadian companies and institutions at competitive prices. This led to the creation of my company, Rocky Mountain Health and Safety (RMHS).

In April 2020, RMHS was able to secure NIOSH approved Dasheng N95 respirators and Lanhine surgical masks. Given the short supply of these products in Canada, our partners were able to quickly obtain an Interim Order from Health Canada, making these products available to the Canadian market. 

Today, RMHS is actively supplying N95 respirators to those who need them most. Our client list includes some of Canada’s largest organizations from hospitals such as Children’s Hospital Eastern Ontario and Guelph General, to other health institutions including long term care facilities and major corporations like Petro Canada. Through our extensive supply chain, RMHS has been able to provide a viable alternative to 3M products. We carry six different models of N95’s with similar fit to 3Ms best-selling models at highly competitive prices. 

RMHS is an indigenous company with a commitment to support aboriginal youth through a scholarship fund supported by a portion of profits. This is a very personal quest for me as I was fortunate enough to have a large portion of my education funded by the Metis Nation of British Columbia and various corporate scholarships. Creating a fund for aboriginal youth will allow me to give back to the community and hopefully support future entrepreneurs, engineers and business professionals.

In closing, I would like to thank the partners, customers and stakeholders who have made it possible for us to create Rocky Mountain Health and Safety. This would not be possible without your support. We look forward to 2021 and the continued growth of RMHS as a reliable full-service provider of health and safety equipment.


President of Rocky Mountain Health and Safety

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