Better Blue ™ ASTM III Medical Mask

Better Blue ™ ASTM III Medical Mask


  • INNER LAYER: 20G/M2 Hypoallergenic Spun-Bond-PP Non-Woven Fabric; Absorbs Hot Air Exhaled from the Body; Leaving Skin Dry and Comfortable.
  • MIDDLE LAYER×2: BFE > 99% | PFE > 99%, 20G/M2 Melt-Blown-PP Filter Material; High Filtration Performance Against Bacteria and Particles
  • OUTER LAYER: 25G/M2 Spun-Bond-PP Non-Woven Fabric with Hydrophobic Treatment; Fluid Repellant


  • BFE = 99%+ Bacterial Filtration Efficiency at 3 microns
  • BFE = 99%+ Particle Filtration Efficiency at 0.1 microns
  • DELTAP, mmH20/cm2 < 5.0
  • Flame Spread at Class 1
  • Fluid Resistant Outer Layer
  • Fused Ear Loops
  • Comfort Designed/Non-Irritant
  • Composite Nose Piece


  • FDA 510
  • Health Canada
  • ECS
  • Nelson Labs Tested
  • ASTM 2100 Type IIR
  • TUV SUD93/42/EEC Certified
  • ISO13485 Certified
  • EN14783 Tested

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